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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How exactly does the On-line Reservation System work?

    This website gives Internet users the possibility to book hotels directly on-line. The service does not operate like a travel agent, in that specific requests for information on properties cannot be provided itself. Instead, we give the user the opportunity to view pages, check availability and prices and then send reservation requests to hotels. These reservation requests arrive directly to the hotel and it is the hotel that responds to the reservation request. Essentially, the service provides an effective, secure and simple channel of communication between hotel properties and the user. Unlike a travel agency, it is the user who can search, choose and book accommodation directly with the property of their choice.

  • Can all the hotels on this website be booked on-line?

    There are two categories of properties listed - those with the On-line Reservation System and Web Pages and those that are listed with fax and telephone numbers to be contacted directly. For the first category of properties, it is possible to check prices and availability and then send reservation requests directly to the property. In the second category, it is possible to contact the property directly via email, telephone or fax.

  • What is the cost to use this website to make a reservation on-line?

    There is absolutely no cost to use this website to search for hotels, make or cancel bookings or to become a member. It is a free service for our users.

  • I want a staff member to book a room for me for these dates in this city. Can you do it?

    This website is designed specifically to allow internet users to browse hotel pages, check availability and prices and make bookings themselves. As we are not a travel agency, we do not provide information for specific requests.

  • When I make a reservation request, how is it processed?

    The reservation request is sent directly to the hotel property selected. The hotel is then responsible for processing the request via our system and sending the response back to the user. This establishes a direct link between the registered user and the property selected. Your reservation is confirmed when the property sends a response to you. To find out how to check the status of your reservation request, please refer to the question entitled 'I can't remember whether my reservation request has been confirmed. How do I check the status of my reservation request?'

  • How long will it take for my reservation request to be answered to?

    This depends on each individual property as they are responsible for the answering of reservation requests. We do not respond to the reservation requests directly, we provide a channel of communication between the hotel property and the user. However, properties are advised to answer requests within 48 hours at the latest.

  • How I will be contacted by the property?

    You will be contacted via email, using the email address supplied when you registered as a member.

  • What is the cancellation policy for my reservation?

    This depends on the individual property you have booked with. We do not charge any penalties for reservations that are cancelled or modified in any way. However, each property has its own cancellation policy relating to reservations that are made with them. This is shown on-line on the last page of the reservation process BEFORE you send your booking request below the Credit Card details section and is also communicated in the confirmation message sent to you - it is recommended that the cancellation policy is read carefully to avoid any penalties.

  • Can I make specific requests regarding my reservation?

    Yes. When sending your reservation request, there is a blank space where you can add specific notes and/or requests that can be sent to the property.

  • Are taxes included in the price of my reservation?

    Yes, taxes are included in the total price of the reservation sent by the hotel. However in some countries, a local tax is charged on top of the room rate and/or a service charge may be included. The amount of this tax is subject to constant change and can only be indicated approximately.

  • Is the total price sent to me by the hotel property when the reservation is confirmed per person, per night or for the total stay?

    The price that arrives when you make a search and that the property eventually confirms when they send a confirmation of the reservation request is the total price per stay.

  • Is the breakfast included in the price?

    Again, this varies from property to property and will be communicated to you when the property sends confirmation of the reservation.

  • Once I have sent my reservation request, will I receive written confirmation from the hotel?

    Yes, the property will send a confirmation e-mail to the address you entered at time of registration as a user. Bear in mind that your request will be confirmed by the property and until then do not consider it as confirmed. When your booking appears in status OK in your account you can rest assured that it has been confirmed by the property. In order to receive confirmation via email make sure that the address you enter at registration is correct. If you enter an incorrect e-mail address you will not be able to receive a reply from the hotel and this could lead to communications problems and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is crucial that you make sure all data is correct.

  • What do I need when wanting to search for a reservation I have made via your system?

    You need your login name and password to access information about reservations you have made or to make a booking. Remember to keep a record of your login and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can request for it to be sent to your email address.

  • I can't remember whether my reservation request has been confirmed. How do I check the status of my reservation request?

    You can check the status of any reservation request sent by entering into 'Your Reservation' with your login and password and viewing all your current reservations. In the table shown, you will note that the status of the reservation is displayed in the Status column.

    The status of the booking can be as follows:

    NEW: New reservation request - yet to be responded to
    OK: Reservations confirmed by the property
    CANC: Reservation cancelled by the user
    VOID: Reservations cancelled by the property
    S-VOID: Reservations cancelled by our system for not confirming reservation within 48 hours
    A-VOID: Reservations cancelled for NO-SHOW
    UDR: Reservation cancelled due to wrong CC data
    PRE-OK: Offer sent by a property
    CANC-RB: RB Reservation cancelled

  • Does a double room have one double-size bed or two separate single bads (twin room)?

    Unfortunately, this varies from property to property. To avoid confusion it is suggested that in the notes one asks specifically for a matrimonial bed if wanting a double and two separate beds if wanting a twin.

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